Horse Breeding Cincinnati

Since 2001, we’ve been breeding horses and caring for broodmares and foals, and offer year round boarding services. Your mare and foal will receive hands-on care throughout their stay at Rose Arena.

To help produce superior quality foals we offer meticulous, personalized care from breeding a mare, to the moment a foal is born, to the weaning process and beyond, our emphasis is on personalized care and attention. Our philosophy is to produce healthy, well-adjusted foals and maintain the most comfortable environment possible for broodmares.
• Bright, matted 12’ x 12’ stalls with a window
• Shed-row style stalls with interior access
• Mares and foals are fed high-quality food and watered 3x/day
• Owner-supplied supplements administered as directed
• Stalls bedded heavily with straw
• Stall cleaning 2x/day
• Water buckets cleaned daily
• Daily turnout (weather permitting)
• Blanketing
• Vet/farrier stall
• 24-hour monitoring

Please call 513.321.1895 to discuss your Mare & Foal care needs.